Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I would describe my anxiety as palpable

Does the name Nina Lundgren mean anything to you?  Me neither, until I saw this ...

And this ...

If you haven't figured it out, she's a woman who specializes in making monumental sculptures out of cardboard boxes.  Which, I thought, was my gig.  Does it make me seem shallow if I say that I feel a little bit better because she's lovely?

Speaking on behalf of your readers, you could never seem shallower to us than you already are.
Thank you.  That's a comfort.

You can read a full piece about her at This Is Colossal, one of my favorite art sites.

The good news?  Actually there's quite a bit:

1 -- She's not really working with cardboard boxes; she's working with cardboard that's assembled into things that might be termed boxes.
2 -- Case in point, not a single one of them has the words Bob's Moving and Storage on its side.
3 -- They are neither painted black nor filled with toxic foam.
4 -- They are not displayed inside a greenhouse.

I would describe my anxiety as fading.  I think I'm golden, like the sun over the Pacific late in the day.

I would also call your attention to the website of Victoria Elizabeth Barnes, which is a great name.  Part of what she does, as I understand it, is create Victorian structures using discarded materials, although I lost the part of her blog that talks about doing that and can't seem to find it again.  All I get is her restoring her Victorian house.  Regardless, when the time comes for the greenhouse, maybe I should call her.  Although some of the stuff looks pricey.

Maybe, instead, I should simply be inspired by her and go down to that place in Albany with all the old windows, buy some and just make the goddam greenhouse myself.


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