Sunday, August 17, 2014

"Perry responds to indictment, calls it a political 'farce,' vows to defend himself."

Fox News headline.  Proving, using one of those trains of logic that you learn the name of if you take one of those courses in college, that he's obviously guilty.

A soliloquy?
No.  Something else.
A syllogism?
No.  A syllogism is one of those things in Hamlet.
No it isn't.  That's a soliloquy.
I always thought a soliloquy was a kind of a hat.
It isn't.
It is, sort of.  You could argue that Hamlet is composed of a handful of soliloquies that the actor wears like so many fancy hats.
Olivier always looked great in a hat.
Yes he did.
And the rest, as they say, is silence.
Nicely said.

Just for the record, what's the percentage of indicted national politicians who claim innocence and vow to fight on, as compared to those who are actually innocent?


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