Thursday, August 14, 2014


Check this out ...

I have to admit, I'm in love with watching that foam come up out of the cup.  And look how solid it is when he hacks into it with his saw.  The only downside to this foam is that it's expensive.  The amount of stuff needed to fill 45 cubic feet is about $350.  45 cubic feet is one box measuring 5'x9'x1'.  Or, alternatively one box three feet high, three feet wide and five feet long.

Shit!  I'll need at least two shipments.

You know the good thing about painting?  One painting costs maybe a hundred dollars in raw material.  Meaning canvas, stretchers, paint, Sharpies, misc.  You sell it for $50,000.  Thats a 500% markup, or something like that.  Which I'm comfortable with and is what I've based my general marketing model on.

I'm figuring twenty bucks for the boxes, about a hundred bucks for the paint, polyurethane, support lumber, etc., plus $750 for the foam.   I'm at $870.  Thank God I already have a respirator, but still, round it up to $900.  That means I'm gonna have to gross $450,000 on "Preet Bharara holds the Head of Steven A. Cohen Aloft in the Manner of Perseus and Medusa," and I've got some real doubts about somebody dropping that much cash on some painted boxes filled with foam.  No matter how provocative the title.

I'm gonna have to rethink my numbers.

I wonder if you called up one of those foam insulation installers and explained the situation, what they'd charge me to top up my boxes.


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