Friday, August 15, 2014

More boxes ...

As previously noted, I love the idea of a monumental sculpture made out of foam-filled cardboard boxes.  If you visit these pages regularly you're probably so sick of hearing about boxes that you're ready to scream.

Noogies.  More specifically, tough noogies.

Anyway, one of the concerns about such a work is that no matter how much polyurethane I slap on that puppy, the elements are going to eventually have their way.  So check this out, titled, I think, "I Drivhuset" ...


By a Danish artist named Susanne Ussing, whose Wikipedia page, it should be noted, is shorter than mine.  And she's dead; I've still got time to expand!

Although, of course, it's not a contest.

Anyway, look at this thing.  How extraordinarily beautiful.  Imagine, friends, "Preet Bharara holds the Head of Steven A. Cohen Aloft in the Manner of Perseus and Medusa" filling every inch of a similar such structure.

God almighty, how wonderful that would be.  I wish the photos were better ...

And, thinking further, looking at the above photo, a heretofore unanticipated challenge would be creating the sculpture in a manner sympatico with the green house.  Because obviously, in a situation like this, the greenhouse is the sculpture.  Or part of it.

Shit, I'm not going to be able to think about anything else all day.  I love that aluminum arm.


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