Saturday, August 30, 2014

Revisiting This Whole Lev Grossman Business, Volume 3

Also Alice in Wonderland and at least five Wizard of Oz books.  The count grows.

They say the key to fantasy is the ability to make fantastical things become totally believable elements of a crafted world.  I mentioned in the first of this line of posts something called the Dark Material books.  These are more correctly called the "His Dark Materials" Trilogy by Phillip Pullman.  They, honestly are great.

The best part?  I can promise you it wasn't the movie, which was so bad they shelved plans for filming Books 2 and 3.  The best part was the armored bear.  Every society experiences war, and every war has a range of weaponry.  The dreadnought -- the doomsday weapon, if you will -- of the His Dark Materials world, was a sentient, armor-plated bear.

Here's a picture as Frank Frazetta might have drawn it ...

Imagine that thing coming at you.

I am enjoying The Magicians a great deal.  More than I thought I would, given that this is supposed to be the weakest book of the trilogy.


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