Thursday, August 07, 2014

Phone camera

I have a Motorola Moto X, which is a lovely phone, full of features I never use but am soothed by the knowledge that they exist.  Nonetheless I always thought that the camera on my iPhone 3 or 4 -- either way a pretty old model -- was better than the Moto's.  But I took my compost bowl picture with the Moto X and I find the results to be outstanding.  So now I'm not sure why one of the following:  a) the previous pictures seemed substandard or b) did I accidentally do something different when I took this shot ...

I made it my screensaver so now it's blown up to 27 inches or so and it still looks amazingly good.  Not Leica good.  Or those boxy ones they took to the moon good.  But still, good.

Hasselblad is the word you're looking for.
Thank you.


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