Sunday, August 03, 2014

Lenny Dykstra

I am prompted by the excellent article in the Times today about Lenny Dykstra, Met great and disgraced stock picker, to post my painting of the man.  On sale today, $15,000.

Which has more than a passing, albeit accidental, resemblance to Otto Dix' self-portrait ...

I thought he was still in jail.  Turns out he's been out for 13 months.

Anyway, I've always wished Lenny well.  Although I do wonder about the 445-1 record he claims to have in exercising stock options (perhaps).   Certainly this is enough to merit a sizable investment in Nails Investments, although with a record of 445-1, one wonders why Lenny isn't the richest man in the world.

You do the math.

And speaking of numbers both specious and real, the fun part about Dykstra, Nailed, is that embedded amongst all the comments about his Wall Street career are, in red, some of his career statistics.

The man was not chopped liver.

Addendum:  For you completists, there's a fun, related Times article from 2011 here.


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