Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Scream

In a world with this much angst, Edvard Munch is always with us ...

This is a mixed-media work ...

... my portrait of Maria Sharapova at the US Open.  Enough with the screaming, Maria.

I usually root for Maria, especially against Serena Williams -- one of my least favorite athletes in the entire world.  I mean it -- I can't stand the woman.  Which sucks, since Williams has habitually eaten my girl Maria's lunch for most of their careers.  But I feel bad for Caroline Wozniacki, what with that whole Rory McIlroy business.  He's bounced back nicely, and it would be fun for her to win a Slam event as well.  So there's a part of me that would like to see The Woz win the match and roll straight through.

Upon reflection, however, a larger part of me wants to see Sharapova advance, then mop up the court with Williams.

Fat chance.
A man can dream.

Enough with the screaming.


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