Saturday, September 20, 2014

Go Mets

All that's left of the Mets season is to root for my boy Lucas Duda to somehow go 30/90.  He's currently at 28 home runs and 85 runs batted in, with about ten games to go.  Thirty and ninety is about one notch below superstar status, the bottom level for which I define as 35/100.  Obviously the metrics are different if you're a pitcher.  Or a great defensive short stop who bats .310.  Or a couple of other things.  But still, who would have thought?

This is him getting ready to scatter the crowd on Shea Bridge.  Which is silly because at this time of the year you could shoot a cannon off on Shea Bridge and hardly hit anybody.  And I'm talking grape shot, not cannonballs.

Wait til next year!

No really.  This time I mean it.  Next year should finally be a good one.  The first good one in quite a while.  Can't wait.

Until then, here's the best Keith Hernandez film ever ...

Not safe for work.  Or for kids.


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