Monday, September 22, 2014

Hope Solo is a Pill, and so is Lolo Jones

This, from the Department of Corrections ...


Did you read the post titled Hope Solo is a Pill?  In it I managed to combine two pills:  Ms. Solo and Lolo Jones.  The fact of the matter is that it's Lolo Jones who appeared on Dancing with the Stars and can't dance a lick, and it's Hope Solo who is said to have beaten up her sister and nephew and was, regardless, made captain of the US Womens' soccer team.  

It is strange, though, how typographically similar the two names are.  Hope Solo.  Lolo Jones.

Take the S in Solo and attach it to the end of Hope, then invert the two words:  Olo Hopes.

Add an L to Olo and change the H to J and the P to N:  Lolo Jones.

So the mistake was understandable, in your book?
In my book yes.  Inevitable is a word rushing through my head.
Didn't Hope Solo also appear on DWTS?
I believe she did.  All the more reason to get them confused.
It's almost Shakespearean, isn't it?
It is.  Almost.

Nonetheless, I apologize for the cock-up.  At least a part of me does.  The other one looks at the post and thinks it's a masterpiece of the particular kind of ebb and flow that characterizes the best work Here at the Year.  So even though factually wrong, it's still a bit of a Jewel.  I remain quite proud of it.


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