Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Also this...

Go Knicks! The boys in orange and blue open their season against Chicago tonight. Which is going to be an ass-kicking of monstrous proportion! 

Me?  I'm going to channel the serenity prayer and simply think positive thoughts while the team figures out the triangle offense.

The bad news? Given the collective basketball IQ of the current Knicks roster, this will be equivalent to watching a bunch of 10 year olds try to figure out advanced calculus.

The good news? There isn't any. Baseball season can't get here fast enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would correct you on the Knicks having to learn advanced calculus. I mean, how many of us as non-Koreans ( I live in NYC) dry cleaning owners, know calculus. I respectfully ask -- Can they (the Knicks) count to 5? 1 is a point guard and 5 is a center, and so forth.
And can they run a motion offense? I'll screen for you if you screen for me. Isn't this life in a nutshell?

3:51 PM  

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