Thursday, October 16, 2014


I'm loving this whole blog from the phone business. Since I'm stuck with it for a little bit of time I believe I'm going to just press ahead full bore! I will, however, stop worrying about paragraph breaks and all but the most egregious typographical errors, &, as noted above, just press ahead. Today's deep thinking - - which would ordinarily appear in red - - involves the following question: did you ever eat at Chanterelle when it was still in business? If not, the opportunity exists to go to the restaurant reviewed below, Elan, and have some of their seafood sausage. Which, I have to tell you, based on remembering having done so at Chanterelle several times, is as close to going to heaven while remaining on earth as you can possibly imagine.

Chorus: this blogging from the phone business seems to bring out the worst in your syntax. Me: yes it does. But s*** happens. Chorus: does it bother you that the voice recognition app on writing s*** with a bunch of asterisks? Me: yes.

NYTimes: Shedding the Burden of Tradition


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