Thursday, October 09, 2014

new glasses

Does the name Warby Parker mean anything to you?  Online glasses with a certain bookish bent.  Twee is a word that comes to mind as well.  Abercrombie and Fitch floats near the surface as well.

Still, they have a fun feature on their website where you can upload a self-portrait and "try on" a pair of glasses.  Which actually is a pretty damned good feature.  I find the task of choosing glasses at the local glasses place to be excruciating.

I could do these.  These are called Begley in Whiskey Tortoise, and I like them, even though the Ed Begley connection bugs me a little.

Remarkably inexpensive, it should be noted.  If I send them a simple prescription (no bifocals), they send me back the glasses for $95.  Quite astonishing.  Price jumps up to about $300 with complicated stuff.  But that's still not bad.  Unless they send them to you and they're all fucked up and you have to slink into your local glasses place and say "I didn't buy these from you, but can you help me?"


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