Saturday, October 04, 2014

Whither the Prancing Horse, Volume 2

Sebastian Vettel has notified Red Bull he is leaving.  Ferrari has said nothing, but Vettel's boss said he was headed there, so maybe it's just Italian hard-headedness.  Perhaps they are waiting to see what happens with Fernando Alonso so they can announce everything at once.

The strong feeling is that Alonso is headed to McLaren, rather than Red Bull (as suggested in the previous post), where he will join a huge pile of shiny new Honda engines for a date with destiny.

Daniil Kvyat will take Vettel's seat.

Jenson Button, a pretty good guy, is on the fast track to retirement, since it will be his seat that Alonso takes at McLaren.


So now the question is whether my fondness for Ferrari exceeds my distaste for Vettel.  I suspect the answer is yes, although I'm also awfully fond of my boy Fernando and likewise McLaren, so if they do well next year I could root for them.  If being the key word, since the first Honda engines are said to be both heavy and underpowered.

Lovely day at Suzuka.  The typhoon has been upgraded to Super-Typhoon status but won't arrive until closer to race time.  The fun thing about Formula One is that even though they don't have roofs on the cars, they race in the rain.  Barring, of course, something like a typhoon.

They're not crazy people.


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