Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lock and Load

Who knew there was actually a guy named Glock?  As in the makers of this bad boy ...

Me?  I love a long clip.  More bullets, as I understand it.  The mini-me bayonet is off the dial as well, although that's where the laser sight mechanism goes and I love those too.

Today's deep thinking:  If push has come to shove and you need to employ a bayonet attached to the end of your pistol, the need for laser sights has likely passed.  

Actually, upon deeper thinking, that may not be true.

Anyway, here he is, all 85 years old, with his nurseslashlover, Katrin Tschikof ...

Dude.  My boy Gaston looks pretty spry for 85.  In a world full of immensely powerful men dating inexplicably unattractive women -- Bill Clinton jumps to mind.  Likewise Arnold Schwarzenegger -- this guy appears to be ahead of the game.  With that last name she must be some version of Russian, but she looks positively teutonic.  Which is the best-case scenario for a German arms magnate.

Now the lawsuits are flying faster than bullets in South Troy on a Saturday night.  This from a piece in the Daily Beast ...
Meanwhile, Glock entertained clients and associates with lavish dinners and visits to a since-closed strip club, Atlanta’s Gold Club, Mrs. Glock’s complaint states. Glock used those strippers to represent the company at trade shows and flew them around on the corporate jet.
The complaint further alleges that Glock had a personal slush fund that he used to “cavort with women around the world.” One sham corporation was allegedly set up for the sole purpose of owning homes “to house and entertain his metro-Atlanta-based paramours.”
Outstanding!   I say live large my friend.

Nurseslashlover would be a great name for a heavy metal band.
Yes it would.


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