Friday, November 21, 2014

The Perfect Crime?

Crikeys!  How many women could Bill Cosby have possibly allegedly [the Year of Magical Painting legal department told me to put "allegedly" in virtually ever sentence] raped?  If the allegations are true, he must have had been a major player in the roofies market in the 80s.

Obviously, the saddest part about sexual assault is the human suffering.  The second saddest part is that it sometimes takes years for the victims to come to grips with the experience enough to take action against the perpetrator.  In Mr. Cosby's alleged case(s), this was exacerbated by his fame and position in American culture.  In too many cases, this delay results in the perpetrator's immunity from prosecution.

If any good can come out of the Cosby business it would be a rethinking of the statute of limitations on sex crimes.  


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