Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Celebrating My Birthday

It was nice of Page Six to help me celebrate my birthday by making me famous.

Me? I've decided to buy the new Bruce Springsteen album; spending in advance a portion of the money I am sure I'm going to make from the auction of Big Maria.

I remember, with some annoyance, my friends Dave and Jerry raving about this guy they just saw in concert. We're talking Charlottesville, circa 1971, and the guy was, of course, Bruce. I must have missed the concert because I was studying Old Icelandic.

Anyway, I have since seen the Great One himself three or four times--which is, at the same time, quite a few times and not very many at all. The last time I saw him was at his wife Patti's concert at the Bowery Ballroom. He came out at the end to play rhythm guitar on a couple of numbers. I was about as far from him as I am currently sitting from my painting of Rupert Murdoch. Next to him was under-appreciated guitar god Nils Lofgren. I thought I would have a spasm. Bruce was playing a 12-string Fender Telecaster, which also made an impression.

So today I clicked the "buy" button on iTunes and am now listening to song called "Your own worst enemy" (certainly a subtext of my own life) from the album "Magic." In ten days or so, I'll be sitting at Madison Square Garden listening to the Great One singing it live.

Or, rather, standing.

Life is good. The mind reels. I smell eucalyptus.

If that's how you spell eucalyptus.


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