Friday, January 04, 2008

A Positive Thought...

I know you people think I walk around in a heliotrope haze, very much in touch with the sort of darkness that is most easily located at the edge of town. But hey, I have positive moments too.

Here's one.

Do you remember this painting? Called "The Lamentations of St. Agnes", I painted it about five years ago.

I may have said at one point on these very pages that to have painted that face was enough--I could now die in peace. I probably linked it with that really overworked story about the Rangers fan with the sign.

And now, lo these many years later, I find that I've painted this face--shown here as a detail cropped out of "Cheerleader With Banana (Fallen Angel) II".

Both have that Just-got-out-of-Vietnam/Teutonic-existential-angst/
You-think-being-Captain-of-the-Cheerleaders-is-easy/combo pack thousand-yard stare.

It's nice to know that you've still got it. I'm gonna tell the boys at McManus next time I see them.


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