Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just to show you how green I am...

Referring back to the green/blue distinction discussed below, just to show you how green a painter I am, witness this:

BFJ 2.

While not done, we are almost. Actually almost isn't quite the word. But we are closing in. I may end up whiting out the purple shoulders and rethinking that whole thing. And the index finger is a problem. That said, I am very pleased with everything starting at the eyeglasses and up. I mean, who really has green hair, and yet, at least in my humble opinion, it is working like nobody's business.

Regarding being almost done, likewise Big Fucking Julian )which has actually undergone some small modifications on the right side of the canvas since you have last seen him). Inspired by Jason Giambi, I fixed the mustache.

Here are the Schnabel paintings side by side.

We'll see.

Under the category of becoming the greatest portrait painter of the 21st Century, Julian Schnabel must be freaking out.


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