Sunday, July 13, 2008

The turning point

We're still all screwed up, but it might be interesting for you to see what I believe is the turning point in "BFJ 2." Here is where we left off...

And here is what happened.

Note the change to black on the lower left. More important but less obvious, notice also the changes in the fingers and nose. This painting is all about the fingers and the eyes, by the way, so isn't it fortuitous that one of the fingers is pointing right at one eye and the most prominent diagonal vector draws you right to the other one? Sometimes life is good.

Sometimes not, it should also be noted. Ask Rocco Mediate. Anyway, here is where we stand now:

As you can see, I've obliterated the lower right part of the picture. An interim photo would show you that I painted it white first, then poured and dabbed the yellow to get this image. There's a part of me that thinks I should just leave it like this--like that famous painting of George Washington.

I do, by the way, very much love the gentle s-curve that runs vertically along the left side of the image, described at the bottom by the knuckle and index finger, then the eye and orbital bulge, then the limning of the forehead. I like writing "limning," even if this isn't exactly what's going on. Maybe it's gloaming, although that has something to do with night falling. And perhaps faeries.

Anyway, the fact that I like this painting very much does add a bit of pressure to the question of what the hell to do about the lower right section. My feeling? I'm gonna start "Black Jackson" and not worry about it for a while. Direct from the Fromagerie, this is the resource image for "Black Jackson." The painting will be executed in a black and white obscured box technique, 4'x5', similar to "The Warren Commission 1."

Except it's gonna be a horizontal. Which is unusual for me.

Finally, back to "BFJ 2," if I might be allowed.

Obviously I can't leave it like it is. Despite the George Washington thing. So, I am considering the following:
1--Make the right shoulder like the left
2--Make the right shoulder appear to be nude (for lack of a better word), and just throw down some orange, yellow and maybe green stuff (maybe just dots and spots) to suggest the idea.
3--Go with a standard, open drip style, either black or green (although I worry about too much green) or purple (which is what it was when we began) and recreate the shoulder on the right side as a lighter variation of the darkness on the edge of town (that being the lower left side).
4--Or something that just hits me after a couple of beers.
We, I suppose, should all have such problems.


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