Friday, December 26, 2008

If you're heard about me from 20/20...

If you heard about me from the 20/20 piece and are interested in an annotated painting of a controversial Wall Streeter, I have two currently available--Bernie Madoff and Alan Greenspan. Double-click on the image to read the comments.

This is "Seasons Greetings"--a portrait of scoundrel Bernard Madoff. It measures 4'x5' and is painted with acrylic paint on canvas with markers. It costs $28,000.

This is "The Fallen Prince" -- a portrait of Alan Greenspan that I painted, and had annotated, in conjunction with his testimony before Congress in October. It, like almost all of my Wall Street paintings, measures 4'x5'. The medium is acrylic on canvas with markers. It, too, costs $28,000

I also have three annotated portraits of Barack Obama (1) and John McCain (2) available. Each is an amazing snapshot of an individual election year moment. I am also working on a portrait of Vikram Pandit of Citigroup, although it is not finished.

You can see the entire set of this year's annotated paintings (most of which are sold) if you click on "November, 2008" in the Archives column just to the right of this post. Scroll down a post or two and you'll find images of all of them. Again, double-click to read the comments. Also note that the prices quoted in November are no longer accurate. The current price for an annotated painting (other than "The Annotated Palin" which I loathe so much I'm letting it go at fire-sale prices) is $28,000. That said, it is the holidays and I'm not an ogre, so if you tried to talk me down a tad I'd be willing to have the discussion.

If you are not in the mood to pay quite as much money for a painting as these go for, I am producing by commission a series of smaller annotated works on paper. These are priced at $2,800 and I am doing ten of them at this price. You get to pick the subject and I execute it on paper in the same manner as the paintings in the 20/20 piece, although the annotation process differs slightly.

Contact me at and I would be happy to discuss both matters further.


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