Monday, June 28, 2010

I've started a second blog

Go take a look. It's called "The Annotated Wall Street Paintings" and can be seen here.

Blog is the wrong word. But I needed a place where people could just take a look at the images without getting bogged down in the sludge that is The Year of Magical Painting (Season Five coming to a theatre near you on July 4th).

Look also at the format. I am thinking of changing TYOMP over to that format. Embedded in this notion is also a switch to a newer program with a lot more options regarding design and function.

Left unsaid is the brassy taste I get in my mouth when I think about making such a switch. The taste? It's unalloyed horror. What if I push the wrong button and the whole thing simply goes away?

Simply goes away.

Roll that around on your tongue and tell me what you taste.


Blogger david1082 said...

Won't Get Fuld Again!

(The Sarah Palin one is truly terrifying.)

2:36 PM  

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