Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I think I may be ill...

Sometime later today I'm going to step off the bus in New York City, wide-eyed bumpkin of the lowlands, and take a cab to the big UPS place on west 43rd (maybe). There I'm going to hand some random UPS guy a tube containing a painting, ask him to insure it for a shitload of money, sign something and then watch as my tube disappears into the maw. At which point I will be more or less nauseous until I receive word that the guy in Houston has received it.
Brief personal aside: It annoys me that Federal Express--if you even call it that anymore--won't insure packages beyond a couple of grand. I have vastly greater faith in their ability to seamlessly deliver a domestic package to a big city than the boys in Brown. Boys here is, of course, a non-gender-specific term.
To ease my uneasiness, I anticipate having a number of beers at the Peter McManus Cafe. But I doubt it will help.
Brief personal aside #2: I always whisper into the tube, just before I tape the end cap on, "Don't let anyone ever tell you you're not a great painting." Then I seal the thing shut and send my boy out into the world. Big emotional lump.


Blogger John said...

Not sure if I'm your guy in Houston, but The Naked Short is safe and sound. An absolute freaking masterpiece GVR. You are my hero.

John Lohman

PS: look forward to drinks with you and our favorite wall st. blogger next time i'm in town

6:08 AM  

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