Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is why Johnny Depp moved to France

Vanessa Paradis (Mrs. Depp to you) casually tosses this on the table:

Quite a beautiful bit of film. And I love how she lies down at the end. But me? I can't stop watching this one:

If you're a diligent reader you already watched it from a couple of posts ago. To you, I would ask only that you watch the first fifteen or thirty seconds--the long camera push in while she's sitting on that platform.

This is the stillest I think I've ever seen anyone sit while singing. Her mouth is moving--because she's singing--and her right foot is twitching. And that's it. I find it strangely compelling. It's like the Sphinx singing Jumpin' Jack Flash. Kinda.

My favorite part of the Faithfull video is that at the time she was singing it, she had been dating Mick Jagger, of all people, for quite a while. As the video proceeds, there are just a few glimmers of a smile on her face. I like to think that's her thinking about what Mick was gonna say about her performance.

These, of course, are the Stones:

How many times can you hear As Tears Go By? I love Brian Jones playing that Dobro (if that's even what that is) with the feather.


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