Friday, February 03, 2012

Where are this man's feet

This is always an exciting time of year, when the Formula One teams unveil their magical new machines.
Magical seems an overstatement.
At 100 miles an hour the cars could just as easily drive on your ceiling as your floor, assuming your house was big enough.
Hmmm. Sounds magical, but it could just be aerodynamics.
Here's a picture of Paul Di Resta sitting in his new Force India F1 car. I love shots like this that show the innards (the nose cone is missing, for you people who are struggling to keep up).

Now I know that race car drivers are typically short people. But I can't help but look at this thing and wonder where they've put the man's feet.
Perhaps that's part of the magic.
I wonder what's in those two little plastic containers. Brake fluid? Do these things even have brake fluid? That sounds so Old School. And why is the one on the right slightly bigger than the one on the left?


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