Tuesday, October 02, 2012

America. The Beautiful.

One good thing about music is that when it hits you feel okay.

One good thing about living in Troy is that you can generally walk up to a group of strangers and say something nasty about the Republican party and everybody will pretty much smile and nod their heads.

Central Virginia?  Not so much.

I found myself on the grounds of the University of Virginia on Saturday, parked outside the stadium, having a beer and some snacks before going inside to watch the football game.  My traveling companion was 26 years old.  She was a child of my first marriage.  I'd reason to believe we both would be received in Graceland, but for the time being, we were in Charlottesville.

Dave and Earl were there too, making a foursome for the game, and we had been joined by two people I didn't know; friends of Earl's dropping by to say hello and chew the fat in a southern sort of a way.  And then, out of the blue, a bunch of police motorcycles pull up not twenty feet from us.  And two big black SUVs.  And then, lo and behold, out of one of them pops a guy with a thing in his ear.  And following him comes Eric Cantor.

Satan himself, some could argue.
Some could, yes.  Others might go with House Majority Leader.
Not me.
Or Representative from Virginia's 7th congressional district.
I'm going with Beelzebub.
What do you even care?  You're from Greece.
Fair enough.  And we do have our own problems just now.  But that doesn't mean I don't take an interest in United States politics.  It's such a cluster fuck -- how can you not watch?

Anyway, out pops the House Majority Leader and we all turn to see.  I, in a bit of jest, peer theatrically into the satchel that holds the snacks and announce something along the lines of "Good news!  I've got a rotten tomato right here."

At which point the two people I don't know turn and glare at me.  "He's my Congressman and I like him" says the guy.

Dave, to his ever lasting credit, says something like: "He's my Congressman too.  I've never voted for him and I never will."

Meaghan didn't give a shit as near as I could tell.

Earl, always one to shy away from a political debate, remained mum.

Did you know Ba'al Zebub is variously understood to mean "Lord of demon flies" or "Lord of the heavenly dwelling?"
I did not.  Wow--interesting mix.
Yeah.  I guess it depends on your political leaning.


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