Sunday, November 11, 2012

This whole varnish business

It's quarter of ten and the second coat of varnish is on and drying.  The first one went on around 5:30, and you're supposed to give each coat at least three hours to dry.  So there we are.


Now, take now the two coats of varnish.  Add to that three coats of gloss medium (medium meaning in this case not the middle ground between high and low but, rather, a neutral substance which typically is designed to carry pigment in a suspension but which, in this case, carries only clarity).

None of that last part makes any sense, you know.
Yeah.  I was grappling unsuccessfully with the definition of medium.

Anyway, this is five coats of some version of absolutely clear, high gloss stuff.   And now when you look at the painting it looks almost as if it's floating just below the surface of a very shallow pool.  It's wonderful.  I had originally been leaning toward framing it behind glass (because glass makes everything seem more important than it really is), but now I'm thinking no.  The varnish has UV protective components, so I'm thinking let the good times roll.

It should also be noted that, despite the five coats of whatever, the ripples and ridges and droplets formed by the dripped paint remain salient features.  So when you run your hand over it (which you couldn't do if it was behind glass), there's a wonderful smoothness to it, but at the same time bumps all over the place.  Really glossy fucking bumps.

I'm in ecstasy.


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