Monday, January 28, 2013


This stands, obviously, for "Krugman and Keynes are oKay."  At least in my book.  Are you with me?

Me?  I'm a virulent Keynesian.  Like Barack Obama I was born in Kenya, so that accounts for some of it.  But not all.  There's room for clear thinking in the world, friends.

I bring this up because I just finished watching my boy Paul Krugman on Morning Joe.  Mozart's finest concerto couldn't have sounded any sweeter.  And he thought his music came out of the instruments and directly to heaven.

I remember when I painted Black and White Krugman, thinking to myself:  Manoman, they are going to tear this guy to shreds.  And they did.

To quote Don Corleone as he offered the body of Sonny to the undertaker, "Look what they done to my boy..."

"Spanish Revolution for Real Democracy" is a favorite, albeit arguably a bit off-subject.  On the very bottom of the painting, "Fuck Krugman.  He's not worth our input."

Oy.  Not a lot of love for Pauly Walnuts.  I think it's time to revisit this ...

Because most of the people who buy my paintings think Keynes is full of shit, I -- being either a coward or a business man who's hypersensitive to his market -- tend to soft-pedal the guy.

No more.

It is time for courage.  Granted, I am going to paint him upside down, and call it "Inverted Keynes", but only because I'm either a coward or a business man who'se hypersensitive to my market.

But I'm gonna paint the man.


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