Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surely by now you've seen The Hobbit...

Based on previous accomplishments, I completely trust Peter Jackson with all things Middle Earth.  So it was with a good deal of confidence that I took my stupid 3-D glasses from the ticket guy and strode into the Colonie Center cinema, Theater #5 (for you completists), to see The Hobbit.

The good news is that I thought it was lovely.  My initial annoyance at stretching a 250 page book into seven-plus hours of movies, stretched out over what I'm assuming is two more years, quickly faded away.  Faded away, I should say, at least until the movie ended and I realized I'd have to wait a year just to see the middle part.

Brief personal aside:  You could probably read The Hobbit aloud in less time than it will take to watch all three movies end-to-end.  I'm just saying.

My only beef is that I thought the showcase battle scene between a dozen or so dwarves, one wizard and one hobbit (I'm just reporting here -- I don't believe these things actually exist) and about ten thousand goblins and/or orcs was a bit dumbed down for my taste.  A bit too much Indiana Jones at several points.

That's a quibble, though, and I'm giving it a B+.  Deductions made for this whole trilogy business, plus cartoonish violence.  There are, however, any number of wonderful moments for people who like J.R.R. Tolkein.

I leave now for Zero Dark Thirty.


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