Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can't a brother get yellow, man?

As you may know, I'm a huge fan of MOG, the internet music site.  I pay the six or seven bucks monthly for no commercials and a higher resolution stream -- which is totally not the right term, but it's whatever makes the music sound better.

Then I run it, via wires, out the back of my computer, through an amp, through a pair of speakers, each one of which looks like whatever that thing is that The Who is peeing on on the cover of Who's Next, and into the air.  For the purposes of listening to it.

And then I paint guys like John Maynard Keynes.  All of which is good.

One of the interesting things about MOG is that if you're playing an album, when it gets to the end it switches over to an online radio sort of thing, featuring songs by other artists that it thinks are related to the album you were listening to.

One of the genre's I like is trip-hop.  Massive Attack, Mazzie Star, Portishead, something to do with Sneakers.  Maybe the Cowboy Junkies.  All of which is quite transportational.

Can't a brother get yellow, man?
I'm getting to that.
Hurry up.  It's 3:30 and you haven't had lunch yet.

Anyway, they don't call it trip-hop for nothing.  The computer, apparently, thinks trip-hop is just around the corner from hip-hop.  So I find myself, if I'm too caught up in the painting to worry about what's on, tapping my foot along to a certain amount of rap and hip-hop.

Which brings me to Thievery Corporation, with which I have no previous familiarity.  Here's the first couple of lines from their song "Culture of Fear."

Seems to me like they want us to be afraid, man 
Or maybe we just like being afraid 
Maybe we just so used to it at this point that it's just a part of us 
Part of our culture 
Security alert on orange 
It's been on orange since '01 G, 
I mean what's up man 
Can't a brother get yellow man 
Just for like two months or something 
God damn 
Sick o' that 

I assumed, when he says "It's been on orange since '01, G" he was speaking directly to me.  When I heard "Can't a brother get yellow man?" I had to laugh and come write it down.  Mozart thought that the music went out of the instruments and directly to God.  Hard to argue with the man.

It should be noted that my speakers don't look like that.  They're finished with this splendid finish called "piano black", into which a man couljd lose himself.  Were he not careful.


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