Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mangled ear

I also like the whole right side of his face.  God being in the details and all that.  I like those paintings of mine in which half the face looks like a face and the other half looks like something else.  The whole right side of Inverted Keynes looks pretty ad hoc to me.

Particularly what passes for his ear.  If it is an ear, it's a bit mangled.  It's like he was fighting Mike Tyson.

Although I can also envision a scenario in which Paul Ryan might bite your ear off.  Particularly if you're John Maynard Keynes.

Say you're in Vegas.  Fighting Ryan at the Mandalay Bay.  Mitt and his wife are there -- strangely enough, they've become manic fight fans after attending the Pacquiao fight.  Ann is fond of joking that the only guy who took it harder on the chin last year than Manny Pacquiao was her husband.  Clinton's there too, because The Big Dog loves the big events.

And you're in the clinch.  You say something like "Tell me again how fast you ran that marathon."

At which point he bites your ear off and spits it into the crowd.  It lands in Ann Romney's lap, despite the Secret Service agent attempting to shield her with this body.  Mitt stares down at it, half in horror, half thanking God it didn't ruin his new Thom Brown suit.

I'm just saying.

You?  It hurts like hell, but you're not gonna let losing a bit of skin and cartilage keep you from winning the fight.  You stare at Ryan ...

And you think, "Pay-back's gonna be a bitch, motherfucker."


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