Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Self-esteem is a funny thing

You'd think it would fluctuate as a function of how well a given painting is going.  Or something like that.  Or seeing myself in the news.  Which is always a giggle.

Not so, old sock.  My self-esteem is currently attached to the number of daily visitors to The Year of Magical Painting.  Yesterday was 258.  An all-time high, I'm thinking, for a non-news day for me.  Obviously, you get a tasty piece of media coverage and visitation spikes.  But this was just a cold Tuesday in February.

The day before was 244.

Today, as it stands now, is 197.  Google resets the count at 7:00pm Eastern time, so we still have four hours.  Oddly enough, telling you to visit is crazy, since by dint of reading this you're already on the site.  What should I do?  Call my friends?

It should be noted that I do virtually nothing to stimulate traffic, other than posting my typical drivel.

Maybe it's a groundswell of interest in my Keynes painting.


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