Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lyndon Baines Johnson on Valentine's Day

One man's theory:  More people should watch the Rachel Maddow show.  Sure, I'm a Democrat, but I think it's pretty clever television regardless.  And hey, I watch Fox News every once in a while, just to see what they're up to.  I don't see why the reverse shouldn't hold.  It makes you a more rounded person.

You don't find her insufferably twee?
I find her twee -- no question about it.  I would say annoyingly twee but not insufferably twee.

Case in point re. Maddow:  Two u-tube videos about LBJ.  One -- Kirk Douglas and Helen Hayes reading love letters written in the 1930s between him and his fiance, Lady Bird -- is quite lovely.  The other -- which, fair warning, includes the words nuts and bunghole, plus some burping, plus a reference to carrying a knife -- is sort of horribly alarming, even if the man's just ordering some pants.  Both of these were featured on last night's Maddow show.

Love is beautiful, isn't it?

And here's the pants one ...

I'm trying to come up with a George W. Bush joke but can't.


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