Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I had a dream last night that was, at best, only tangentially related to Walt Frazier. Possibly not at all.

It was a nightmare, really.

I walked up to one of those light switches that comes out of a box that's attached to the wall, rather than hidden inside it.  You've seen them surely, usually in an industrial setting.  In addition to the box, there's the  tubing for the conduit that wanders off somewhere.  Usually they've been covered with a number of coats of dreary white and light gray paint.

Anyway, attached to this one, perhaps by magnetism, was a fork.  Odd, I thought.  So I reached up and grabbed it and suddenly I was being electrocuted.  Thinking I had to pull the fork off the box to break the current, I grabbed it with the other hand.  And Lordy-Be-Jesus-Save-Me, all hell did surely break loose.  I was shaking and my teeth were clamped shut and my tongue was crawling down the back of my throat the way the leeches used to crawl up your leg during the rainy season and my fingers were clenched around that damned fork and I had the real sense that if I didn't somehow break the current I was gonna die.

Finally, somehow, I slid my hands to the edge of the fork and managed, perhaps with my foot, to tear them away.  At which point I sat bolt upright in bed.


I puzzle at the symbolism of the fork.  Me?  I'm a big eater, so I have a great fondness for forks.  Spoons too, but forks, given their versatility, are probably the best.

Me?  I look at a fork the way Willis Reed used to look at Walt Frazier.

Here we see Walt in what looks like a green velour blazer (although it could be a full suit) with a subtle animal print.  By the way, this was shot off my wall, with an iPhone, not off the TV itself.  Note the richness of color.

Me?  I love this man.


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