Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's a Black Day for Big Blue

Even though he's a bit over the hill, and his constant yammering about money was annoying, it was with some sadness that I found out Osi Umenyiora was leaving the Giants.

I remember watching every game of the 2007 playoffs, including the Super Bowl, at the Peter McManus Cafe.  Not sure why -- usually I hate watching football in bars.  It always feels like the raucous atmosphere diminishes the sanctity of the thing.  But I watched the first one at the bar and felt like I had to keep going.  Like lucky underwear.

You know how something wonderful happens to you and you attribute it to your lucky underwear?  And you decide not to take them off until the streak, or whatever it is, comes to an end?  This, I could imagine, would be particularly troubling to Miami Heat fans.  Anyway, I went to the bar and I figured I had to keep going.  Like lucky underwear.

And one of my buddies, who also attended every game, wore a Umenyiora jersey.  Every time.  See what I'm talking about?  And we smote the Patriots as they rightly deserved, and we won the Super Bowl.  And the bar went crazy, as you might expect.

What you might not expect was that when the Giants beat the Cowboys en route, the celebration wildly exceeded the Super Bowl celebration.  Which should tell you something about the Big Blue Nation.


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