Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Self-portrait with Monopod

I came across this fairly odd item.  Shot in Brooklyn, pre-Troy, using a small video camera called a Flip-something or Snatch-something that I think I had just bought and was testing out.  Given inroads by video-capable smart phones, I wonder if they even exist anymore.

The video, I can assure you, is strong.  I call it "Self-portrait with Monopod."

I remain of two minds about box wine.  The one that speaks most loudly in my ear asks, over and over again,  "Why do they all have to be so sweet?"   Even the cabs and the merlots are a bit too fruity.

Note about Dad:  I think this was shot prior to the "Sprinkle the rest of Dad in all the key places" world tour.  Or maybe I still have a bit of him somewhere.

Or maybe you snorted the old bird up, thinking, in a moment of weakness, that he was, perhaps, cocaine.


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