Monday, March 25, 2013


The good thing about Passover is that it's one of the happy holidays.  No atoning; more of a "Whew, we dodged a bullet!" kind of a thing, except they didn't have bullets back whenever.  A week or so ago I wrote about heading to Brooklyn and having an Indian Passover with Chuck and Wyn.  Because, as another friend wrote, musing about the holiday on her blog ...

What stayed with me, regardless of whose table I was at, was the importance of gathering with people you care about – be they family, friends or co-workers.

Unfortunately, I'll be just hanging out on my own this year.  I cancelled because I have a meeting tomorrow and another on Wednesday, both related to PeaceWorks, and I didn't feel like I could make Brooklyn happen this time around.

Don't cry for me, Argentina.  It's not even my holiday.  And the meetings are important.

"Meetings," I said to a friend earlier today.  "I can't remember the last time I've even been to a meeting."

For the record, I'm talking here about the kind of meeting that has an agenda.  And some written material.  I wish I owned a suit -- I think that would be a help.

He asked me if I had a plan.

"Of course I do," I replied.  "I'm gonna lean in and fix them with a stare.  Like the Ancient Mariner.  Then I'm gonna say 'Thank you for coming' -- which I think is strong -- and kind of wing it from there."

I couldn't tell if he was nodding or not, given that we were on the phone.  But then he said "I was thinking I might buy a map."  Which shows you the kind of friend he is.

I'll close, as I usually do, with Hubert Humphrey.  My father, who worked for the Department of Agriculture most of his adult life, had several meetings with Humphrey, and his take was this:  Humphrey came across as a bit odd in the public arena.  Not very good, for example, on TV.  But when you got him behind closed doors, in a small group, he was absolutely scintillating.

I'm the same way!


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