Monday, April 01, 2013

Hello ... Everyone

TYOMP and PaintingtheStreetWeekly managed to score just north of twelve hundred visitors today.  Which is high.  That's 36,000 a month.  Which is quite a few.  Certainly a significant subset of the Earth's population.  Possibly enough to monetize, were that my thing.

Actually, monetizing PTSW might just, in fact, be my thing.  If for nothing other than the thrill of it.

It should be noted that here at TYOMP we are constantly running photos milly-vanilly.  That is to say, with no concern for copyright, etc., because we feel, in our hand, the heft of the haft of the righteous sword of literary criticism and social commentary.  We, the argument goes, can do what we want, in order to form, through the power of a free press, a more perfect Union.  Except shout "Fire!" in a movie theater.  That argument starts to lose some traction if we're running advertisements.  So we don't.

Plus, honestly, who wants to wade through a bunch of ads?

PTSW is a horse of a different color.  For one thing, the background is white, not black.  Neither being colors, as such, but it is a bit of a blast of light when you click through from here to there.

When you say 'milly-vanilly' do you really mean 'willy-nilly?"
And do you think it should also be noted that hitting 1200 visitors in one day is different than averaging twelve hundred visitors a day?
It might be.
Why are you so evasive?
Am I?  I don't mean to be.


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