Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm not gonna miss Tim McCarver

Did you hear Tim McCarver was retiring after this season?  Do you even know who he is?  Thought to be the John Madden of baseball color commentary.  Outstanding, knowledgeable broadcaster.  And I'm not gonna miss him for a second.

When was the last time you saw Al Pacino in a movie role and forgot, for even one second, that he was Al Pacino first, character second.  Don't get me wrong -- the guy's a great actor.  But you never forget.

Same with McCarver.  I started watching the Mets in the mid-Eighties and he was the color guy for them.  Some of the best commentating I ever heard.  And his legend grew.  And grew.  Then he left the Mets and went national.  For Fox maybe.  And honestly, enough is enough.

The good thing about football is that there is a lot of stuff going on.  A bit less so with baseball, so you spend a good bit of time listening to the broadcast team just chat about stuff.  And I think McCarver became just a bit to fond of being Tim McCarver and lost his way a bit.

I'm not expressing myself particularly well here.  But I'm not going to miss Tim McCarver.


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