Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tar and Latex

Check this out.  By sculptor Sandrine Pelletier, it's horses made of wool thread dipped in tar and latex, then hung from the ceiling ...

Two thoughts:

First, I'd love to go see this show.  It seems quite wonderful.  Except it's in Geneva.

Second, I'm deeply engaged by the idea of tar and latex as a coating/binding agent for my own purposes with the PeaceWorks Project.  Because there are two major challenges to my current work:

1--getting the materials, site, permissions, etc. from the City of Troy.
2--actually putting the thing together.

This second one is a topic that occupies my mind for a good part of the day.  My current thinking is to bind the guns into a ball using black-pigmented fiberglass resin.  But latex is interesting too. And so is tar.  Which has an almost medieval aspect to it.

I wonder, when you walk into the gallery, if you are immediately confronted with a tar smell?  I also wonder what the durability of tar is.  It works great for roads, obviously.  But sculpture?

And a final point:  I spend all my energy trying to talk Troy into giving me enough weapons to make a PeaceWork.  Which we're currently defining as a three to five foot in diameter abstract ball of guns, bound together by polymer resin.  In one of my recent meetings, somebody asked me how many guns I might need.  I said I couldn't tell until I was actually making the sculpture, but that I thought 50 rifles and 50 handguns would suffice.

But what if that's more than enough, and I find myself with a surplus of medium (by which I mean guns)?  Such a problem a man should have, but still.  Maybe something in latex and tar.


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