Friday, March 29, 2013

Imagine brackets I know you guys love the videos close brackets

Okay.  Picture yourself on a train in a station.

Okay.  Imagine no possessions.

Wait.  Don't imagine that.  Imagine the opposite.  Imagine instead that you've just purchased a genuine Geoffrey Raymond annotated Wall Street painting and the nice man from UPS, or whatever, has dropped a six-foot tube in your living room.  You carefully open one end and pull out the rolled up painting (they're usually shipped rolled, just the way I take them to and from Wall Street, but if you're feeling particularly flush you can have it shipped fully stretched and ready to hang).

Imagine that, my friends.  Roll it around on your tongue like the best box wine you've ever tasted.

Now imagine going to your computer, pulling up an email from me and opening the U-tube video that I've attached.  Because Gordon Willis was unavailable, my daughter Elizabeth served as cinematographer.  It goes like this ...

[I know you guys love the videos]


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