Monday, April 01, 2013

It's Good to Know There's a Line ...

... that television will not cross.

Hard to believe I even typed that sentence, given that television as an industry is as utterly shameless as ... as ... well they might just be utterly shameless.  Period.  No comparative subordinate clause. If that's even the right term.  Just shameless.

I refer, of course, to footage of the Louisville guard Kevin Ware who sustained a compound fracture of his lower leg in last night's game against Duke.  The network replayed the incident several times immediately after it happened (which I think was appropriate), then stopped showing the footage for the rest of the game.  An amazing show of restraint.

The jury is, of course, out on SportsCenter.

Me?  I still get slightly queasy watching RG3's knee infamously buckle inwards and even now, months after the injury, every time his name comes up on a sports show they show the same footage.  It would be nice not to ever see that particular thing again.


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