Thursday, September 26, 2013

Seasons Greetings, Paul Konigsberg

Does the name Paul Konigsberg mean anything to you?


Well, he was Bernie Madoff's accountant.  Also the only non-family shareholder in Madoff's London operation.  The 'operation' being, according to some considerable research by me (I read it in the Times), money laundering.  And besides, surely there's a rule against the accountant also being a shareholder?

Anyway, they arrested his ass yesterday.  Interesting how the chickens are finally coming back to roost.  Likewise the swallows.

In Capistrano?

My Madoff painting is not my finest hour, portrayal-wise, but people had a lot of interesting things to say.  And a couple of years ago somebody wrote me and asked me for permission to use the painting as the cover art for holiday cards.  I couldn't say yes fast enough, the only proviso being that they send me a box.

For the record, Mr. Konigsberg's lawyer claims his client is innocent and looking forward to his day in court.

Back to the painting for a moment:  There was some fun had by the commentariat re. the resemblance to Tony Bennett.  One wag wrote "I left my funds in San Francisco."  Which did make me smile.

Hey, is it my fault Bernie Madoff looks like Tony Bennett?


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