Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yahoo is on fire

First Katie Couric shows up.  Which, truth be told, other than my sort of years-long fascination with the ups and downs of the Today Show, I don't care about.

But then David Pogue arrives, with the mandate to rejigger the tech section.  For those of you who don't know, David Pogue was the tech columnist for The New York Times.  And an extremely good one.  Right up there with Walter Mossberg from the WSJournal.  Who's also leaving, but I rarely read him so I don't care so much about that.

But this Pogue thing is massive.

Me?  I just registered for a Yahoo account.  Despite the stupid name.  Formatted my "myYahoo" page (all pornography), and now I'm settling in nicely.  Don't see Pogue anywhere, though.  Maybe he hasn't arrived.

Maybe I should subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.  People say great things, and every once in a while they offer a scintillating rate.


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