Friday, December 20, 2013

Crisis at Daisy Baker's

The shit has hit the fan at one of my favorite watering holes.

Two nights ago pipes froze in the upper floors of the building in which historic Troy restaurant Daisy Baker's is located.  The resulting flood will close the place for possibly months.  The Troy Record has the story here.

They've set up a fund for employees who will be out of work for the duration.  Daisy Baker's will match all contributions.  Me?  I am putting a beautiful Map of Troy painting up for bid.  Highest offer takes it home sometime in January (it's not painted yet, the image below is a rough study), and all proceeds will be donated to the Daisy Baker's employee fund.


1 -- Help some people who just lost their jobs right before Christmas.
2 -- A good map is always handy to have around.
3 -- May be worth millions someday (Past performance is no guarantee of future results).


Don't see any.

Note:  If you don't want to bid on the painting, you can also just make a quick donation here.


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