Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dos vedanya, tovarisch

Which reads in Cyrillic:  пока я не увижу вас опять, товарищ

Which reads in English something like "Dude, we were supposed to meet you guys in the gold medal game and you end up losing in the quarterfinals to Finland?"

Manoman, I bet there are some tight asses in the Kremlin just now, as word filters out to the rest of the world that the mighty Russian hockey team lost to Finland last night.  Or earlier today -- it's impossible to tell.

Me?  I've actually seen the Kremlin.  Seventeen years old, standing in Red Square watching the snow come down on St. Basil's Cathedral.  I was supposed to meet Keri Russell there but she never showed.  Which is, of course, a small joke about the upcoming second season of The Amerikans.  If they spell it with a K.

But I really was there, and it was beautiful.  Of course all is black in Mother Russia today.


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