Tuesday, February 25, 2014

La via del tren subterraneo est pelligroso

I find myself in the unexpected possession of a two liter bottle of Mountain Dew.  Of which about half a liter of the actual Dew is left.

Me?  I've got plenty of self-destructive habits, but soda isn't one of them.  But let me tell you, this Mountain Dew is really off the dial.  Outstanding.  Every once in a while I'll have a Coke.  And man, that's pretty great too.  Particularly Mexican Coke, which is palpably different than the plain old USA version.  But mostly I just stay away from the stuff.

Although while we're on the subject of Mountain Dew, how about that Dale Earnhardt Jr. winning the Daytona 500?  Here he is in his #88 National Guard car, which I think he alternates with his Mountain Dew car.

Now that Juan Pablo Montoya isn't running, I'm okay with Dale Jr. winning.  I also like Brad Keselowski, although he has a very odd looking face.  He was close at the end.  And I'd like to see Danica Patrick win one just to shut Richard Petty's mouth.

Because of rain, the race was delayed about five hours.  Since I was already comfortable on the couch, I decided it would be a good time to start bingeing True Detective, which is helping me get past my Matthew McConaughey resistance.  I ended up missing most of the race, but at least I'm now current with T.D., and it's outstanding.

Last night I watched the first episode of House of Cards as well.  Wow.  Remember to stand away from the edge when in the subway station.  La via del tren subterraneo est pelligroso, mi amiga.


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