Monday, February 24, 2014

For those of you keeping score at home ...

Here, through the miracle of photographic technology, is Yuna Kim (one of four ways that NBC chose to spell/present her name in their graphics packages) versus the Russian girl, Adelina Sotnikova ...

Which is interesting on a number of levels.  The whole Times article is here.  Not very long and kind of fun, if this sort of thing interests you.

[Disclaimer:  The TYOMP legal department tells me I have to write the words "Do not attempt this at home", as if that wasn't obvious enough without me typing it.]

Me?  I was not one of those people in high dudgeon re. the outcome.  I thought Sotnikova skated with a good deal more fire and it quickly became obvious that her technical program was significantly more challenging than Ms. Kim's.  So what's the problem?

And besides, who doesn't want to see the Russian girl win in Sochi?  What a thrill for her, and redemption too after being more or less shoved out of the limelight by her annoying 15 year old teammate.  Whose name I won't type because, honestly, enough with the Russian names.

I thought Sotnikova was slated for greatness when she punctuated her short skate by leaping up and stamping both skates into the ice, fists clenched.  I remember thinking, "This girl is ready to go."

Final Thought on The Olympica:  I'm glad they are over.  I didn't watch the closing ceremonies, just as I didn't watch the opening ones.  What a load of crap, generally speaking.  But the sports stuff was great -- my two favorite events being short-track skating and whatever the event is where they have six guys on snowboards all coming down the same course.  Neither, it should be noted, involved judges.

On the other hand, I'm sad that Downton Abbey is over.  Shit -- it seems like it barely started a month ago.


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