Sunday, February 23, 2014

Worst National Anthem Ever?

Certainly bottom five.

Have you seen this?  Brought to you, via NASCAR, by Madison Rising, the self-proclaimed "most patriotic rock band in the world."

They're kidding, right?

Me?  I'm speechless.  First I was going to say it made me want to vomit.  Then I realized that what it really made me want to do was slug the lead singer in the face.  And then, perhaps, another time.  And then, perhaps, a third.  Just so he fully understands that sanctimoniously holding up a folded flag doesn't make you the most patriotic anything.  It makes you a miserable, manipulative shit.

Which makes me ashamed of myself, because slugging people in the face, no matter how richly they deserve it, almost never solves anything.

Figures that this gets the NASCAR spotlight.  The NASCAR Nation ... that bastion of the thinking that goes a man's patriotism is directly related to the number of rounds he has in his clip.

[long pause, deep breath]

Okay, now with cooler heads prevailing, let me just say that I, dear reader, am a member of the NASCAR Nation and am looking forward very much to watching the Daytona 500.  If for no other reason than the running of the 500 means that spring is on the way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the exception !!!

Slugging this slug, publicly, would make us ALL feel better !!!

Surprised the flag didn't burn his hand !!!

11:21 AM  

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