Friday, February 28, 2014

Suicidal Ideation ... an ongoing series

I refer, of course, to a motorcycle.  This one, specifically ...

Lord have mercy.

This one seems particularly likely to kill me, given the combination of extremely high levels of horsepower and what one might call scary front end geometry.

But what a way to go, particularly arrayed in this spectacular, traditional Lotus yolo and green.  Hail Britannia.  You can read a whole article about it here.  As shown the thing costs about $130,000.  To which I reply that you only live once.  To which I would also add that the growing tension in Crimea is as likely as not to lead to a nuclear holocaust, so why not have fun in the few weeks we have left.

Plus, I don't want to live in a world where Michael Schumacher is on life-support.

Very sad article, if one reads between the lines, in today's NYT about Schumacher's continued travails.  The part that got me goes like this ...
One potentially remedial step taken by the family was to invite Schumacher's long-term teammate at Ferrari, the Brazilian Felipe Massa, to sit with Schumacher in his room at the intensive care unit, talking of common experiences in Formula One and of developments in the cars for the new season, which begins March 16 in Australia. 
"I told him everything, about my car, my new team," Massa said, referring to his shift from Ferrari to the Britich Williams team.  "I told him to wake up many times."
Filipe was always a good teammate.  I so wish him well at Williams.  The whole article is here.

They're going to have to stop calling him Schumi and start calling him Veggie.
I can't believe you just said that.

You've read Shute?  More specifically, you've read "On the Beach" by Nevil Shute?  The one about the US submarine commander docked in southern Australia in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster?  The one where almost all of the population of the world is already dead from radiation poisoning and the people in the book have a month or so to live before the radiation gets to them?

Great book.  Makes me think of the Ukraine.


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